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Google Plus Marketing

Google Plus (Google+) is the newest elephant in the room that many hospitality professionals are choosing to ignore due to their “lack of time” to manage another social network. Many are choosing to simply disregard it, while some choose to make fun of it saying it will be another technology that Google will eventually kill off. The question is not should I have a Google+ page but why does my property not have one yet? This blog entry is my attempt to help you choose to create a Google+ page for your property and to encourage you to become active with it.


One of the first shapes I drew as a child was a circle, simple, connected, and fun. Many business plans and brainstorming techniques start with circles and grow from there. Google+ also starts with circles. If you can’t quite wrap your brain around what a Google+ circle is, think of your Facebook page and all the followers you have. Imagine if you could drag certain followers into a VIP subset, and employees into another, and people from the USA into another. Instead of posting a status of “Tonight’s special is Maine Lobster Macaroni and Cheese” that goes out to everyone (shot gun affect), imagine being able to post very specifically to just your VIP’s something like “Book a suite by April 1st, and receive a complimentary bottle of wine.” You see, one group might not care about the same content the other group cares for. Perhaps you define a VIP as someone who stays at your property 15 nights or more a year – if this is the case perhaps it makes sense to market your city events to this circle, as opposed to more general status updates that you would post to regular guests.

Google+ allows you to personalize your updates in a very one-on-one way. Are you a fine dining establishment? Perhaps your want to draw in more business from out of town guests so you offer a “book a dinner reservation for a party of four or more by 9pm and receive a free appetizer.” You can target this message to only the people in your “Out of Town” circles. This way the “Locals” circle doesn’t get upset about the special.


Pictures you upload to your Google+ feed show up brilliant and large in the news feed. Your snapshots don’t have to be professional or photoshopped. Just be personal and interesting. Are you near the coast? How about a picture of today’s fresh catch. In the city? How about a picture of that new sky scraper or city wide concert? Remember, your followers follow you so they can feel connected. The pictures you load offer another look behind the scenes of the personality of the property your represent.

I cannot stress enough how much foodies love to look at food. If you are a chef, or restaurateur and are not loading pictures of your food, before and after photo’s, and even video’s of food being created – you are missing out on interaction with your patrons. Remember followers follow for a chance to connect with you more, the more connected a follower is, the most okay it becomes for you to sell them something periodically. Remember the theme is, “You earn my trust, now, you earn my money.”

Business Profile Page

There a few fun features on the Google+ Business Profile Pages that I really appreciate. One is that you can link directly to your business website. So, remember, when creating your page – every time you mention your establishment make that name a link so patrons can simply click and end up at your website.

The Google+ Business Page also offers a video tab. I wonder why that is there? Perhaps to promote you as a business owner to take advantage of the opportunity to share video’s with your fans! Video is where most of your marketing will be headed; take advantage of this opportunity to show the action behind the curtain.

Your Google+ Business Page also offers a “photo” tab. This is where the photo’s you add will end up. Check out some of the business pages I will link to for some idea’s on pictures that look amazing on Google+.


I am not an SEO guy so I am not going to try and explain to you how amazing Google+ is for SEO reasons. What I will tell you is that your Google+ page offers a search feature. Is your business in Summerville, South Carolina and you want to know what users of Google+ are saying about your city on the network? Use the search feature. I have also found this effective when operating under my personal account to find possible customers, and tons of prospects.

My final thoughts on Google+ is that it is not going to go away and you need to stop making excuses as to why you should avoid the constant changes that the internet is going to continue to bring. If you want to learn at the speed of light about Google+ I recommend you subscribe to Chris Brogan’s Blog. Chris is a Google+ guru and recently wrote a book on Google+ “Google+ for Business” (affiliate link).

Below are a few links to great Google+ brand pages and please tell me, what did I miss?

Portland Harbor Hotel

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery


If you want to connect with me you can do so on these networks:





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Facebook is bad for business…

Facebook is bad for business – when your business doesn’t allow interactivity. Let me introduce you to a recent negative experience and let’s see what could have happend.

Meet the As Seen on TV Eggie. You know what I’m talking about. They appear on TV around

An eggie with an egg inside

11pm right when your munchies are kicking in and you’re really thinking about eating something fairly healthy before bed. BUT WAIT, there’s more – they will double your order if you buy right now! So, my loving wife – did. My wife is pretty awesome – did your wife buy you a set of eggies? Didn’t think so.

Anyhow, we were really pumped when our Eggies arrived. So much so that we started taking pictures of the Eggie process and posting them on Facebook. We even Liked Eggies on Facebook and had every intention of tagging them on our Facebook Page so our Friend’s could go and Like Eggies too. BUT WAIT, there’s more – Eggies wouldn’t let us tag them…or write on their wall. Apparently they can’t manage the comments they might get so instead of all 600+ of my Facebook friends being able to check out Eggies page, they only got to see my page.

Facebook is bad for business when a business doesn’t believe enough in it’s product and won’t allow their customer’s to brag about how great the product is.

The question you are all wondering – are Eggies as cool As Seen on TV? YEP! They sure are! I will include a few more picture of them and would love to include a link to their Facebook page but I am not going to…I don’t think Eggie really cares about me, or you.

Facebook is bad for business when a company launches a page and sets their permissions to make the page totally unreachable by it’s clients. Eggies, I am so disappointed in you. I wonder if you have a key word alert so that at least you can thank me for endorsing your product? We shall soon see.

There's my shell-less hardboiled egg.

In closing I encourage every business owner out there to make your page and your company accessible to folks like me, who love to brag about great products. I take pictures of my food, free stuff from Klout (that’s a future blog), and even the random soda can or dog in the park. Us humans love to share with our friends, that’s why Social Media is…social. Please, come be social with us. If you would like to see more of the photo’s you’re welcome to friend me on Facebook. My Facebook

Not boobies...Eggies.

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10 Rules for a successful Facebook Business Page

I often hear business owners say  “I have a Facebook Business Page but I don’t know what to do or more importantly – what not to do. Help!” Below you will find 10 Rules for a successful Facebook Business Page, please let me know what I leave out, there’s so many great rules to follow! (I am breaking this into two shorter 5 rule blogs for the sake of brevity. The Brain can only absorb what the buns can endure.)

  1. Be Human. Your Facebook page is an area where your customers get an opportunity to see behind the curtain, not read an extended piece of sales literature. Have fun with your customers, use a human voice and don’t be afraid to ease up. Remember, people like your page because they want to hear from you and want to interact. Looking for a great example? Check out Pepto Bismol’s Facebook  page – they do a super job.
  2. Have Fun! Having fun is one of those things that most business’s claim to know how to do – only to find out they really suck at it. Dale Carnegie said “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” That same thing applies to your Social Media Marketing campaign. Have fun, make people smile – don’t be afraid to loosen the tie ~ no matter what your brand is.
  3. Don’t just sell. Everyone loves to buy…no one likes to be sold. Why do you hate to buy a car? Because you know as soon as you walk onto the lot some shark dressed in a cheap suit that is two sizes too small for him, is going to try and sell you a vehicle is that is $100 more than what you had planned for a monthly payment. Do not make your Facebook page a used car lot — be more like Little Caesar’s – $5.00 for a whole box of goodness…quick and easy. We know what you make, just let us buy it when we’re ready.
  4. Respond. How many times did your mother say to you..”Do you hear me?! Respond to your mother!!!” This is the same thing when it comes to Facebook. If a follower writes on your wall or tags you in a comment ~ consider that an invitation to talk back. They wouldn’t include you in the conversation if they didn’t want to hear from you. *Key Point* Your response makes that person feel special. – People feeling special = more customer loyalty.
  5. Share. You’re a pet store who just heard about a product recall? Post the link to your page. Does that help your business directly? No. But it does help you to stand out as the expert in the field. Take a look at some of the fun things a local shop here in Maine does – Paws Applause.

Check out Tuesdays entry for the final 5 Rules to a Successful Facebook Business Page.

What would you add?

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